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Thursday, August 25, 2005


i cant understand what im feeling right now. i cant explain what i was going through for these past few days. i couldnt figure out the reason of this uneasiness. all i now is this is happening because of that thing that entered my life casually, but is now consuming a big part of me. ugh! it sucks.. believe me.. it does.

anyways, we had a field trip last saturday, 20th of august 2005 at UP Diliman. we watched a musical play entitled St. Louis Loves Dem Filipinos at the Palma Hall Theater. the play was good but i didnt enjoy the flow of the story though. there were also uncivilized students from the other school who kept on howling inside the theater. tsk tsk.. our school was blamed instead of theirs. ugh.. i was so pissed. hmm.. anyways, my friends were love struck with Paul Jeddan Flores. he was a cast of the play. he played the part of an american boy.. i think. he was so damn handsome to the point that drew and co. was craving to meet him. and they did. they even got a pic with him. err.. i should have been in that pic. oh well, i like the other guy though. arkel mendoza was the grandson of gramps. haha.. his smile was really cute, his voice was so good at singing and he narrates really well. haii.. arkel.ü ehehe.. oh well, when i saw arkel, i wanted to shift to theater arts and leave nursing behind. but i realized, i cant do that. my parents would kill me. hehe!

after the play, we went back to the bus and were about to eat lunch. okei, i only have a pack of double-stuffed oreo, 1 big pack of ruffles, 1 big pack of nova [w/c was devoured by my seatmate. hahaha! peace!ü], 1 lemon c2, 1 bottle of m.dew and 1 big bottle of mineral water. do you think i would survive by mere eating junk foods and cookies??! no way man! good thing we had a stop over at a foodline in philcoa. i was suppose to eat double cheeseburger and large fries but the line in McDonald's was soooo long. believe me.. that's why we have to order at Jollibee, which happens to be the "hatest" [i think] fastfood chain of my seatmate, El Presidente. i ordered cheese and mushroom burger and large fries. wasnt really that contented coz i really wanted to eat double cheeseburger.. ugh! and their fries sucks! grrrhh..

after lunch, we headed for the National Museum. so sad we werent able to see the famous Spoliarium coz it was located in the Finance bldg w/c is under construction at this very moment. haii.. the tour was boring considering the fact that im really feeling sick especially when we were in the Metropolitan Museum coz El Presidente and i were sitting near the driver. im not used to sitting there that's why i had a terrible headache and started feeling dizzy. i just slept on our way home. haii..

i thought that the trip would be happy and exciting, but i was wrong.

when i got home, i proceeded to the comfort room and vomitted.. for real. the bus really made me sick! and it was deym hot.. grrr.. i changed my clothes and watched "A Walk to Remember". i bursted into tears the moment the movie started. weird isnt it? its just that the movie was so overwhelming to the point that i was crying the whole time. [it was the fourth or fifth time that i saw that movie.]

"maybe God has better plans for me than i have for myself.. like you were sent to me coz im sick.. like you're my angel.." -jamie elizabeth sullivan [mandy moore]

"our love is like the wind, i cannot see it.. but i can feel it." -landon rollins carter [shane west] life was not absurd, my life had a meaning.. i know it still has now.. but what is this that im feeling? what is this that im experiencing. ugh.. i just need some rest.. i just need a break.. i just need to detach.. i just need to.. i just have to..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

untitled part ii

another poem i wrote.. ahahaha! wala lang.. just for the sake of writing, hope this will also make it in the mover..

"untitled part ii"
by breathe--

you're looking for someone to care,
to help and to comfort you
yet you fail to open your eyes and
look around.
you deprived yourself
from seeing the truth
you fail to see my presence
right there by your side.
you never looked at your side
for your eyes are fixed on her.
i wanted to call your attention
yet it seems that you were
deafened by her voice.
i hate it everytime i see you
look at her.
i feel the pain and grief she gives you.
i suffer twice the pain that you
if you only open your eyes and
look around..
you'll see me right there by your side.


Thursday, August 18, 2005


about a month ago, my friend, hannah was forcing me to make a good poem for the collegiate mover. i tried to make one but the outcome did not satisfy me. after many attempts of making a good poem, i just stopped and gave up. its not a requirement anyway. today, we had our chem lab and i saw bea's notebook filled with poems made by her. i was inspired and tried to make one of my own. when dania read it, she told me to give it to her and she's going to pass it to the school paper's eic for it to be published. she is also a part of the mover's staff. now here it goes..

by breathe--

lost in the infinite abyss
longing for freedom and justice to come
tormented by the evil one
i can't bear the pain anymore.
pain, grief and shame..
i have no face to show you now.
broken and shattered
and yet i do not die.
the angel of death passed me by,
"please get me now, i pray, please get me now."
i'm broken, shattered and undone.
i grieve in pain.
i suffer so much.
i'm waiting in vain..
save me from my distress
your love is all i need.

wednesday, chemlab

..that's it. hehe.. wla lng.. hehehe..

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

17 * seventeen * 17

<-- this pic was taken at yellow cab las piñas, my birthday. [they were my 4thyr high school classmates.]

august 11, 2005, thursday

"birthday koh na.." <--those were the exact words i uttered the moment i woke up. no feelings. no excitement at all. weird huh?but its real. for me it was just one of the ordinary days.haii.. y nga ba?? ewan.. anyway, let me just tell you bout what happened today. last night, aug. 10, i slept at around 12.30am bcoz ppol were texting me, greeting me "happy bday!" and so that's why i slept late. some of my friends texted me tha day before my bday. natz texted me wed night coz her text unlimited load will expire at exactly 12mn. she texted me at 10.45pm. jen, my churchmate, greeted me at 11.30pm. maix texted me at 11.45pm thinking that it was aleady 12mn! [aian!mgkkaiba kc taio ng oras! haha! thanx tsong!] landon texted me at 11.58.58pm.. haha.. he might have been thinking the same as maix. whehe.. ü so i slept at 12.30am. when i woke up at around 5.30am, i read all the text messages that my friends sent me. i got out of my bed by 6.30am and took a bath for 30-45mins. [as usual! lagi nman e! haha..] and of course! im late for my first class! haha! i arrived at SISC at 8.10am and headed for the gym. as i was walking, i saw alain, who was also a latecomer that day, and entered the gym together. upon entering the gym 2, my blockmates were doing the routines [stretchings, warm ups..] and shouted in chorus, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LAI!!" [okei that was really touching guys! I LOVE YOU ALL!!] i placed my things on the steel benches/bleachers/whatever
and joined my classmates in line. as i join them, the girls went towards me, greeting me happy bday with a hug and kiss. sweet isnt it?! hehe.. jani also gave me her bday present for me.. OATMEAL COOKIES!! *yummm* "thanks jani! sarap tlga!ü" okei.. after p.e, we went back to our beloved classroom waiting for sir franco's class to get out of our room. hehe! nothin significant really occured during math,lunch break, and filipino class.

so here it is.. after filipino class, we had almost an hour break before art app. army and i were hungry that's why we went down to the foodcourt to grab some hash browns. we went back to the room after. also, during that break, landon was suspecting kat for stealing/borrowing his silver bracelet which was with me. [i took it from his wrist during lunch time. he might have, obviously, forgotten it. hehe.] he also suspected me so he ran after me and we were like kids who were running in circles going in and out of the room. hehehe.. ü after that, he was kinda pissed off so i returned it back to him.

okei, art app time!! while ms. shiela was discussing the lesson, she stopped and looked at ___ and asked him if he had greeted the birthday celebrant who happens to be me. hehee.. i was making
our visual aids that time so i really didnt see his reaction but my friends told me that he just laughed. when i looked at ms. shiela, she was smiling and looking at me. she likes to tease me to that guy, together with my blockmates! not to mention landon who keeps on teasing me. anyways, ms. shiela, after asking ___ if he had greeted me said "dapat pag nagggreet may respect.. dapat may kiss!" <--WATDA!! and then everyone was like "yihee!! lai and ___!" [cmon guys..! lkas trip nio evah! graveh! hehe..] i was really tensed that time! i was perspiring to think that it was really cold because of the rain and the aircon. i removed my jacket and starting to ask for a fan. gosh tlga! good thing we didnt have to do our reporting that day coz there were no time left. " thanx rox, kriska, k-anne, and ju for reporting so long! hehe! " art app class just ended and landon was like shouting "japanese kiss! japanese kiss!" <--nice one.. haha! after class, my 4thyr friends met up at starbucks las piñas. we were really noisy inside starbucks so we bought drinks and transferred to yellow cab which was located just beside starbucks. i ordered for a box of pizza and we stayed in the 2nd flr. i missed them so much! 13 of us were there.. jp, jed, cajux, kens, jognat, jlo, kring, richia, per, maix, kathy, aris, and me! richia went home early bec. she had lots of things to do. the rest of us drove to bfrv. [nice starex jp! school bus? eheh!] aris was unloaded [??] at times. [times un dba?! o bsta un! sori d ako sanay dun sa lugar na un e! hahaha!] we went to bfrv and fetched jaymie at ate annie's store a.k.a egyptian. after that, we proceeded to FIC which was owned by our beloved friend jp francisco. he also gave me a free avocado ice cream. that's my fave. its his bday gift na daw to me. huwaaat? ahaha.. "thanx jp! talap! ;)" hehe.. after that, i went home with per and that yellow cab pizza box with us. hehe! [the box were full of dedications from my friends.] ü august 12, 2005, friday

its friday so it means we're just gonna have 3 subjects and were done. at exactly 11am i called the BROOKLYN PIZZA and ordered for 3 boxes of pizza. 1 white cheese, 1 pepperonni, and 1 deluxe. the delivery boy arived late so we ate at 1pm. only 17 of us were there coz the others already went home. army, bianca, mary, kat, hannah, ives, me, tammy, jani, ju, kiel, drew, nikki, pat, landon, kuya ryu, and ms. ciel nuyda was there. ms. ciel got the last slice. hehe.. landon even bought an iced tea for me. aaawww..! how sweet.. hehehe! peace.. "thanks for the iced tea, landon!! and for bringing.. yah know! ehehe!ü" after eating, they wrote their dedications on the white pizza box. those 12 people wrote on the box. so sad army wast able to write na coz she had to go home and change coz we're gonna go pa to hannah's place. after that, we parted ways and i went home with my pizza box. then as soon as i got home, i changed my clothes and hurried to hannah's place. when i arrived there, i only saw their maid! they were late.. ahahah! naunahan koh pa cla! ehehehe.. we watched "not another teen movie" and ate fries and pringles. we drank coffee [mah favorite! caffein is good for the body! ahaha! lolz! =p]. marvin, army's lover, came over hannah's place. at 6pm, we went back to SISC for the masscom night which was also a success. nice acting landon! ehehehe! peace out! ü