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Sunday, September 25, 2005

learning the art of cramming

okei.. im feeling a lot better now. i still have some colds but im doin fine now. today, i should be doing my thesis in filipino but procrastination hit me once again. hehe! i decided to go solo in doing my thesis. we were given a choice kasi if we want to do it by pairs or individually. army and i decided to do it individually and now im attcked by laziness. hehe! and besides, im really having a hard time translating english words to filipino. grrr.. hai. and guess what? the deadline of our thesis is on sept. 30. this means... ITS CRAMMING TIME!!!

hmmm.. what to write..? ahh, i know. yesterday.. sept. 24, saturday, we had our nstp class and last friday we were asked to go to school before 8am on saturday morning. [gets nio?] anyways, it was raining so hard and we really are expecting that after waiting for about 2hours at the school lobby, they will cancel the trip or the said surveying activity that day. sad to say, it did not happen. they still sent us to do the surveying even if there is a great down pour. huhuhu.. we were wet! our shoes were soaking in water [not clean water.. huhuhu.. wawang mga rubber shoes.. if only they could speak..]and our pants and nstp shirts were like really wet. grr.. our jackets were of no use. after the 1-hour surveying that we had, we went back to the assembly place and waited for the vans to bring us back to heaven, i mean school. while waiting, joie and pat shared with one umbrella while sir franco and i shared with his red hyundai umbrella. we chatted and made fun of some stuff.. people. hehe! mean girls. [sory nah! nagkatuwaan lang!.. harharhar!!ü]

----..guess what, mukha tlga kmeng mga BASANG-SISIW! haii..----

back in school, ms. pasigan checked the attendance and after that the three of us, tammy, hannah, and i rushed to our homes. hehe! when i got home, i ate lunch and took a shower, get dressed and went straight to the parlor with my mom. i had a haircut and i think its a bit short than i expected. i look like a high school student, especially when i tie it in pigtails. hehe! oh well, one-of-a-kind-adventure. not to mention the consequences we encountered after that trip. ives had a terrible high fever, i am still suffering from colds and cough just like my other blockmates. saya noh? next week, the rotaract club will be joining us. is that a good news or not?.. for those people who are aware of what's happening, help me answer this question.

"hai life.. parang buhay."

"The Rotaract Club will be joining our NSTP next week.. is that a good news or not?" THANKS!! COMMENT KAIO HA!!üü

Friday, September 23, 2005

Melancholy in the Face of Happiness... is it becoming real?

is it becoming real? if it is.. what could the reason be?.. why now? why again..? ugh..!

im sick. im not feeling well physically, emotionally, and psychologically. [uhh... im not really sure with the latter.hehe] i have colds and im having a difficulty breathing, speaking, and moving because of this. i always feel sleepy and exhausted. i cant speak well coz my voice sucks. i cant move properly coz im having a difficulty breathing so i am encountering heart burns and stuff like that. i hate being sick. ugh..!

emotionally speaking, i cant really describe nor explain what i am really feeling at the moment. i always start happy but eventually end up feeling down,restless, and so low. i dont know if its because of my exhaustion or there are other reasons.

psychologically? uhm.. ewan.. cnama koh lng knna.. nkkabaliw na kc mga ngyayare e..

oh well, i still have a class to catch tom so havtah go now..

Thursday, September 22, 2005


the clock struck at 7pm and the PINK and red teams are preparing for the much awaited championship game. the coaches from each team were saying their last instructions to the team. alas! the game started! the PINK team played great even at the start of the game. they have kept their discipline and really had a great teamwork. all throughout the first half of the game, the PINK team was intensely playing, passionately doing their one-of-a-kind moves. on the second half, however, the red team was able to catch up with the PINK team's score. at the end of the second half, the red team was about to win with a 39-38 score [in favor of the red team of course] but ed acosta [go pards of jani! woohoo!!] was able to get that free throw and *poof!* it became koko crunch! nah.. hehe! that free throw, which is equivalent to 1 point, became the reason for the scores to tie [39-39] and eventually have an overtime of 10mins. during that 10min overtime, the PINK team was able to do their one-of-a-kind-not-to-mention-cool-moves and eventually WIN the TOPSPOT!!! yes! you heard, rather you've ead it right!! PINK TEAM WON THE TOPSPOT!! THE PINK TEAM IS NOW RULING THE COLLEGE CUP!! whahaha!!üü ROCK ON GUYS!!!

to give you guys a little info about this PINK team, they had the title "UNBEATABLE" coz no other team has ever put them down. even tonight, the red team was not able to defeat the PINK team! considering the fact that the PINK team is composed of freshmen guys. [asteeg dbuh??ü] they were really UNBEATABLE TIL THE END!! woohhoo!! rock on guyz!!üü



~you all did a great job!! *for those players who weren't able to play tonight, don't you worry! you still did a great job in cheering the team with us! hehe! I LOVE PINK TEAM!!*~

^-^happenings or better yet, my feelings before, during, and after the game^-^

**before the game, i wasnt really feling well coz of my condition.. seems like im having an on-and-off fever since monday and also im having difficulty breathing coz of my colds. also was kinda pissed off coz SHE'S just sitting near our place! i can see her with my peripheral view. harharhar.. whatever! grr.. "HAI NKO!! DIYOSA AKO PAG TINABI CIA SAKEN!! LAHAT TAIO DIYOSA PAG CIA ANG KATABI!!" <-- nice one tamica! haha!üü

i was kinda feeling bored and sleepy bec. of, as i said, my condition. [i just hope i wont be suffering dengue fever or what bec of these.. blah blah blah..]

**during the game.. at first i wasnt that energetic to cheer for PINK team but as the game gets intense and hot, i jumped into my feet and started shouting and screaming "GO PINK TEAM!! GO RENZ!! GO BERTO!! WOOHHOO!!". maix, kathy and i, together with joie started dancing and doing some silly stunts to cheer fo the PINK team. hehe! WE WON!!!üü have to go home after the game..

**after the game.. we were so excited to know and witness the victory of the PINK team!! AND..... still having this thought that.. "DIYOSA PARIN AKO KUMPARA KAY .....!!! WOOHOOOO!! BANO TEAM NILA!!!" <--rude isnt it? hehe.. pagbigyan nio nako.. minsan lng yan! wahahaha!! PINK RULES!!! ;)

okei.. that's all!! term paper mode!!üü

ü ! [WHITE team!! sbi ni lolo ryu next sem kaio na daw ang kalaban ng PINK sa championship! ill expect that, aiytz?! ;) torn bet. two teams ako nun! whahahaha!! love yah all!! GO PINK!! GO WHITE!!] ! ü

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Melancholy in the Face of Happiness (Kapighatian sa Likod ng Kasiyahan)

*i dunno if the title's right or what.. can't think clearly anymore..*

im feeling a lot better now compared yesterday. i was sick. i think i was able to catch the flu virus. eeeehh.. i had fever yesterday.. slight one. whatever...

just this morning i was feeling okei. as in REAL okei. i was so happy and so jolly. rocel, nikki and i together with some friends from BSN-1D were having fun chattin' and trippin'. we were laughing our hearts out and it was really a fine day. everything went fine but the strange feeling started when we were having our filipino 1 class. we were asked to do a speech of our own topic and eventually i made one. [thank God! i almost failed to pass on time coz i really can't think of any topic to write about.] anyways, i finally decided on what topic i should write about and it was "Kapighatian sa Likod ng Kasiyahan" [Melancholy in the Face of Happiness]. i wrote everything that i am feeling. how hard it is to pretend and to let everybody see that you're happy even if deep inside you can feel the pain that slowly kills you, how difficult it is to put a smile on your face when you know that everything's not going right, how it feels to be laughed at when you are going through some difficult dilemmas in life, and how hard it is for a person to admit that he/she is not fine.

i don't really know why did i write that speech or where in the world did i get that idea.. all i know is that, it's true. 100% real. everybody encounters such feeling. some survives, others don't. some people who knows their "archimedean point" survives coz they know that they can get through with what they are experiencing by simply taking hold of that which defines them. but sad to say, some, or rather many people fail to see what defines them. they fail to discover that one sure thing that defines them. too bad they end up killing themselves bec. they lost their real meaning. that real thing which defines them. im speaking too much of philosophy.. enough with this.

i just hope that the article that i thought of, or the topic for the article/feature/whatever that i thought of would pass their standards. well if not.. then better luck next time, laii.

i really can't understand nor can i explain this strange feeling that came into me. haii.. bahala na.. kaia yan.

*SISC PEEPZ.. raffle tickets are still for sale. i got 10 more tickets left. pls buy. its not just a waste of money, 100s of people will be blessed from your 10peso contribution. let us at least learn how to reach out to our fellowmen even in this simple way. thanx. God will be the One to repay you for your goodness.ü*

Monday, September 19, 2005

thanks for droppin' by, El Presidente!!Ü

hehehe.. i checked my blog after i posted my latest entry and saw that one of my entries entitled "TICKETS FOR SALE!!" already had 4 comments. just yesterday it only had three, but now.. hehe! oh well, thanx for droppin' by.. El Presidente. its an honor to see/read your comments on my posts. hehe! [bigtime.. EIC yan peepz! we're talking about ryu uchida here! harharhar..!]

til next time!ü

tc n Godbless!ü sayonara!!

a good start

just this afternoon, my friends, hannah and kat told me that the EIC of Collegiate Mover just allowed me to write on our school paper. hannah actually started it. she was asked by kuya ryu, the EIC, to write a feature for the Mover, besides the column that she wrote, so this means extra work for her. haha! she doesn't want to have an extra work coz she has lots of things to do so she asked me to do it for kuya ryu. it's not really a requirement but i was interested with the offer. i told her that i'll be the one to write but her name will be placed on the featue but she didn't agree. it will not be fair daw for me. i told her that it was fine and it was my idea also but still, hannah did not agree. and so it goes.. until this day. hehe! i told my mom about the news and she told me that it was a good start. she really wanted me to join the Mover.

now i only have one dilemma.. WHAT TOPIC SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT??? hahaha.. funny? yah.. nervous..? SUPER!! what if my work is not good to be placed in the school paper? what if.. haha! whatever!

hmmm.. HELP GUYS!! I NEED A VERY INTERESTING FEATURE.. hehehe! i really dreamt of writing on the school paper.. now is a good chance.. but i have to prove myself.. HELP!! pls?? THANX SO MUCH!!

*God help me!!ü*

Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Landas ng Alaala"

last term, we were asked to make a short story in filipino 1 and criticize our own work. i got a 100 for it! =P hehe.. soo.. ill share it with you guys.. here it goes.

*Paalala: Ang mga tauhan sa maikling kwentong ito ay pawang mga kathang-isip lamang.*

“Ang Landas ng Alaala”

Ang dami nanamang tao dito sa canteen. Alasingko na ng hapon kaya dumarami na ang mga taong tumatambay dito habang hinihintay ang kani-kanilang mga sundo. Naalala ko dati, lagi akong tumatambay dito sa canteen dahil madalas kaming nagkikita ni Francis. Bago ang lahat, ako nga pala si Samantha Marie Aranza. Isa akong nursing student sa Southville International School and Colleges. Dito sa paaralang ito nakilala ko si Francis Mendoza. Nakilala ko siya sa isang school organization na sinalihan ko. Isang musical organization ang sinalihan namen at ito rin ang org. na naglapit saming dalawa. Mabait siya, makulit, at masayahing tao. Sa nasabing organisasyon ko rin nakilala si Jerold Ibañez. Matalino si Jerold kaya siya naging top 5 sa dean’s list. Magaling siyang magsulat at marami siyang sinasalihang mga school organizations dahil gusto niyang makatulong hindi lamang sa kapwa estudyante ngunit pati na rin sa mga nangangailangan. Mas madali akong napalapit kay Francis dahil mas palakaibigan siya kumpara kay Jerold. Pareho silang naglalaro ng basketball at magkabarkada rin sila. Nung umpisa pa lamang ay gusto ko na si Jerold dahil sa taglay niyang katalinuhan at itsura. Gwapo rin si Francis pero hindi ko siya agad nagustuhan dahil parang kapatid lang ang tingin ko sa kaniya.

Hindi pa kami ganun kalapit sa isa’t isa ni Francis nang malaman niyang nagkakagusto ako sa kaibigan niya. Lagi niya kong inaasar kay Jerold hanggang sa nalaman na ni Jerold ang aking lihim. Pero ayos lang sakin yun dahil hindi naman ako ganun kaseryoso kay Jerold dahil alam kong may mahal siyang iba. Pinigilan ko na ang sarili ko sa pagkakahulog sa kaniya dahil alam kong masasaktan lang ako. Mahal na mahal ni Jerold si Catherine at kahit hindi siya sinagot nito, umaasa pa rin siyang balang-araw ay mapapa-ibig din niya ito. Takot na akong masaktang muli kaya hindi ko na hinayaang mahalin ko pa si Jerold. Magkaibigan naman kami at hanggang dun na lamang siguro yun. Nariyan naman ang aking mabait na kaibigan na si Francis upang damayan ako at pasayahin ako sa mga oras na nalulungkot ako dahil kay Jerold. Itinuon ko ang aking pansin sa aking pag-aaral, mga kaibigan, at sa Diyos. Sa mga oras at panahon na kinukumbinsi ko ang sarili koh na ‘wag nang mahalin si Jerold, hindi ako iniwan ni Francis. Hindi man niya alam ang lahat ng pinagdadaanan at nararamdaman ko, nariyan pa rin siya para damayan at samahan ako. Sa canteen kami laging nagkikita at nagpapalipas-oras ni Francis. Kinakantahan at kinakausap lang niya ako habang ginagawa ko ang mga pinapagawa niya takdang-aralin sakin. Unti-unti kaming napalapit sa isa’t isa at madalas naitatanong ng mga kaibigan at kapwa mag-aaral ko kung may relasyon kaming dalawa. “Magkaibigan lang kami ni Francis, bakit niyo ba binibigyan ng malisya ang pagiging malapit namin sa isa’t isa?” mariing sagot ko sa mga tanong nila. Oo, magkaibigan lang kami. Hindi nagtagal ay unti-unti rin akong nahulog kay Francis. Wala akong sinabihan tungkol sa bagay na ito bukod sa apat kong malalapit na kaibigan dahil natatakot ako na kapag nalaman ni Francis ay lumayo siya sakin. Kung titingnan mo kami, para lang kaming magkapatid. Mag-kuya. Pinilit kong pigilin ang aking nararamdaman ngunit tila masyado itong malakas na hindi ko kayang kontrolin. Nagtagal ang aming pagkakaibigan at naging mas malapit pa sa isa’t isa. Nakikita at nakakasama ko pa rin si Jerold sa organization at hindi ko maitatanggi na kahit papaano ay may kaunti pa rin akong nararamdaman para sa kaniya. Nasasaktan pa rin ako sa tuwing makikita ko siyang nakatingin kay Catherine at sa tuwing nilalapitan siya nito at kinakausap. Nararamdaman ko kasi ang sakit na nadarama niya sa tuwing makikita niya si Catherine. Bakit ba kasi hindi mo makitang narito lang ako? Bakit hindi mo maramdaman na nasasaktan ako para sa’yo? Matagal rin bago ko tuluyang nakalimutan si Jerold. Hinayaan ko na ang sarili kong mahulog ng tuluyan kay Francis pero hindi ko ipinapaalam sa kaniya ito. Ipinagpatuloy lang namin ang aming magandang samahan.

Makalipas ang ilang buwan, si Francis pa rin ang lagi kong kasa-kasama at ang kaisa-isang lalaki sa puso ko. Hindi pa rin niya alam at wala na akong balak na sabihin pa. Sa panahong ito, may isang hindi inaasahang pangyayari ang naganap. Naging malapit si Jerold sa amin ni Francis, lalo na sa akin, at nagpapahiwatig ng kanyang damdamin. Anong gusto mong ipahiwatig, Jerold? Na mahal mo na ako ngayon? Bakit ngayon pa...? Bakit…? Naramdaman ni Francis na mayroong ibig ipahiwatig si Jerold. Napagtanto niyang may pagtingin na sa akin ang kanyang kaibigan. Pero hindi maaari. Si Francis na ang mahal ko ngayon! Nagtapat ng kanyang pag-ibig sakin si Jerold sa Gym 2. Pero sa kasamaang palad, hindi ko na tinanggap ang pag-ibig niya dahil mahal na mahal ko na si Francis nang mga oras na iyon. Nagulat si Francis sa desisyon ko at laking pagtataka niya. “Hindi ko maintindihan, mahal na mahal mo si Jerold noon at sigurado akong mahal mo pa rin siya pero bakit mo siya tinanggihan?” Dahil ikaw ang mahal ko. Napabulong na lamang ako sa sarili. Ipinaliwanag ko kay Francis ang aking dahilan kasabay ng pag-amin na siya talaga ang mahal ko. Ipinaliwanag ko rin na kaya hindi ko sinabi sa kaniya ay dahil natatakot akong mawala siya sa akin bilang isang mabuti kong kaibigan at dahil alam kong masasaktan rin naman ako. Kung iniisip niyong umamin din ng kanyang pag-ibig sakin si Francis ay nagkakamali kayo. Hindi niya ko mahal. Kaibigan at kapatid lamang ang tingin niya sa akin. Mga bagay na hindi na bago sakin. Oo, masakit ngunit kailangan kong tanggapin. May iba siyang mahal at un ay ang kasintahan niya ngayon na si Jaimee. Hindi na kami nagkakasama simula nang maging sila ni Jaimee pero masaya ko para sa kanila. Si Jerold naman ay itinuon ang pansin sa pag-aaral at mga school activities para makalimot. At ako? Narito, nakaupo, nakatambay sa canteen, pilit na kinakalimutan ang sakit, lungkot, at saya na naramdaman at naranasan ko noon.

*hope you enjoyed reading it! hehe.. quite long? naah.. its just a story okei? nothin' really personal.ü*

Friday, September 16, 2005

white-white ; white-red.. which is which?

the rain is totally heavy. classes were suspended and atc was filled with students coming from different schools. my friends and i watched "The Brothers Grimm" and totally enjoyed the movie. we saw some "friends" and had a little chit chat with one another. today was supposedly a mufti day but was moved next week.

im not really that interested to make a post now because of some circumstances. ill go ahead.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

sweet tooth

i was late for my p.e class today. i arrived at SISC at 8.35am because i went home late last night. my parents and i, together with some of our churchmates, visited the funeral of one of our churchmates at manila memorial park. anyways, i woke up at around 7.30am and i was really feeling sick that's why i can't move quickly. during our p.e class, i taught my groupmates some steps for our presentation in p.e. we were assigned to use arnis and we really had a hard time formulating steps for our apparatus. before presenting what steps we have already done, we manage to make a simple yet good presentation. ms. bulay commended us for doing a great job for presenting a good presentation. hehe.. [do i sound redundant? haha.. whatever.]

after p.e, math class comes next. sir tito discussed some new topics about relation and function but i wasn't that interested to listen that's why i just sat there on my chair and chatted with my blockmates. i was also designing pat's card for her bf.

*good thing i brought a packed lunch, my friend, bea and i had our lunch in our classroom.*

after lunch, we had a debate in our filipino class. we lost. so sad. :(

during our art app class, renz and marqus continued their report and afterwards gave us a quiz. *what's my score, huh??* after the quiz, our group started reporting but we lack time so we will continue our report next tuesday.

DISMISSAL TIME!! it's so early and i don't wanna go home yet. kat, raston, gino and i stayed at the walk way near gym 2. gino went home as soon as his uncle picked him up. marqus saw us by the walk way and went there. he asked for some coins and asked me to go with him at the store. we bought some "hany" [the rival of "chocnut"] and ate. hehe.. wla lngz. *thinking..*
blah, blah, blah.... at around 5.30pm, the three of us went in the gym 2 and watched the people there do their things. some were practicing for tomorrow's college cup 3 finals, some were rehearsing their dance for tom's event also, high school volleyball varsity boys division were having their training, and some, like us, were just sitting there watching them. hehe!

my dad picked me up at around 6.20pm and there. i went home. hehe! *gusto koh pa ng hany, i want something sweet. nabitin ako dun sa kinain koh. grrr... "marqus! libre mo koh hany bukas ah!!"*

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


okei.. my friend's asking me if i have made a new post in my blog so i decided to make one now. i am currently chatting with her, asking her what i should write here. i cant think of anything. [wait my mom's here. *kiss*] hmmm.. now what should i write?

hannah, my friend who was asking if i have a new post, is forcing me to write a feature, which is her task, for our school paper. i am not a member of the school paper staff and she's asking me to do it? haha.. funny hannah..

well, i've always wanted to write on our school paper but i dont have the guts to join the Collegiate Mover. my friends keep on telling me that i write well but i just cant understand why i am so shy to join? maybe im just scared of being humiliated because of my flaws or whatever. im still thinking if i'll join the Mover next sem or not. "bahala na si batman."

still cant think of anythin to write.. haha! whatever..

hmmm.. lets see.. last week, i attended the Rotaract Club meeting so that i can join the said org. that day, kuya pao, the president of the club, and kuya/lolo [haha! peace!] ryu, the vp of the said org, presented to us the different projects that we have for this year. one of which is the "fund raising raffle". every Rotaract Club member was asked to sell raffle tickets at P10 each. kuya/lolo ryu gave us the tickets yesterday, 20 tickets each bundle. i started selling tickets today and i sold 6 tickets to 5 people, namely: kuya tats, tammy, charm, ives and bianca. kuya tats bought 2 tickets. also, today was our mufti day. the theme was "Think Green, Think Life." so everyone was expected to wear a green shirt or something that is green or that has green on it. those who will wear green stuff will pay P20 and those who will not wear green will have to pay P40. that is the rule of our mufti day. the said event is held once every month but this september, they decided to make our mufti day twice, so that means 2 mufti days for the month of september. also, the said mufti day is a fund raising event by the student council. anyways, last night, i prepared my clothes for our mufti day. green shirt, capri pants, belt, socks, rubber shoes, etc. after taking a bath this morning, i dressed up and saw that my shirt does not go with my pants so i changed it. i pulled my other green shirt out of my closet and had it pressed. unfortunately, something happend with my shirt so i asked our helper to get my blue-green shirt. i used it pala last week and it's still wet. i saw my blue shirt with #19 on it. i really wanted to wear this shirt since last week so i decided to use it. now... coincident or not?? WE are all wearing blue. hahahah.. funny!ü

"there is a fine line between coincidence and fate."

haha.. funny! now, i still cant figure out what to write here. hehehe!..ü

*bahala na si batman!!*

"okage sama de!ü oyasumi nasai!ü tc! Godbless!..ü"


Monday, September 12, 2005

pink rules!!

this 12th of september 2005, the semi-final games between pink and maroon teams was held at the gym 2. the game started at around 6pm and ended at around 7.10pm. the said teams were both strong, to think that pink was unbeatable. the pink team had its momentum at the start of the game and they never gave the maroon a single chance to cope up with their score. ed acosta gave 3 [well, that was the # of times i saw him do that awhile ago..]dazzling 3-point shots while renz cuenca did his moves. roberto cui was doing a great job blocking and rebounding the ball from the opponent as wilson tan scared them off with his height. hehe! fabian [sorry i dont have any idea what his name is], was so energetic in doing his moves and he definitely proved to us that he is really a good bball player. herbert quimpo also showed the crowd his talent in basketball. anthony de lara played great also tonight. every single player of the pink team showed and did their best to win and their teamwork and cooperation eventually led them to victory. however, there were players from the pink team who didn't had the chance to play tonight but i know they really did their best to cheer for their team. luv you guys!! [for the other players that did their part tonight yet i failed to mention here, maybe we're not just acquainted but you can count on me. one of the biggest fans of pink team!ü] anyway, the game ended with a 51-43 score in favor, of course, of the pink team.ü

for the maroon team, you will really see that they are really good in this sport but sad to say, the pink team was more powerful than they are. hehehe! if im not mistaken, there were only six or seven players of the maroon team that attended the semis.

there were also a number of people who showed up tonight. the white team watched the game and definitely gave their full support to the pink team. only 5 students of bsn1a showed up and witnessed their team's success. a group of nurses stayed on one side of the gym, some non-nursing students were also there and some parents and relatives of the players showed up.

oh well,, it is the pink team's time to shine!! woohoo!! you go pink!! its a pleasure to be a part and to be a witness of your success!! hope you make it on the top spot! ü I LOVE YOU ALL!!!üü

**there are only two teams that i support this season and the next season to come, the PINK and WHITE teams!ü I LOVE YOU ALL!! [you will, for sure get my support next sem! do your best!;) im always here to cheer for you guys! woohoo!]**

take note: only the current PINK and WHITE teams with the ff members..

*Renz Cuenca*
*Roberto Cui*
*Herbert Quimpo*
*Anthony de Lara*
*Wally Aranza*
*Wilson Tan*
*Ed Acosta*
*Renz O...*
*... Fabian*
*Gino Cabahug*
*and the rest of the gang!!*

*Ryu Uchida*
*JRF Ibañez*
*Tatos Nuyda*
*Rod Vasquez*
*Reuel Culalic*
*Paolo Cuneta*
*Paolo Nuguid*
*Marqus Rañada*
*Chubby Ballesca*
*Domz ...*
*Beda ...*
*and the rest of the gang!!*


Sunday, September 11, 2005

my confusion has come to an end..

i didnt expect it to happen..
i didnt expect it to come from that thing..
why now? why from that thing? why?
i was once confused.. yes..
but now.. my confusion has come to an end..

i've been acting a little strange since our art app field trip. my blockmates did notice it and i believe that even if how hard i try to hide the uneasiness that i am feeling,, it will still reveal itself. i cant understand this feeling.. i cant explain this dilemma inside of me.. but i have to realize.. that this is not meant to be. i have to realize that this INSANITY has to stop.

weird? yes.. i am.. very much..
i was about to be a prisoner again but thanks to that thing.. i was enlightened and i had the oppurtunity to think, decide and move. it is insane.. yes.. it is..

the thing tried to give me somethin to hold on to.. but i refused. now.. i made up my mind.. i will walk on this straight path.. i will not turn to the right nor to the left.. i will focus my eyes on the goal that i am to reach.. i will make my step.. i will move. i will run the race. i will leave everything behind. every hurt, every pain, every INSANITY. i am now forbidden to love anyone besides Him.. i am now to focus on my King..

enough of the hurt.. enough of the pain.. enough of the sufferings.. enough of the weaknesses and strife. i have to stand up.. i have to fight. enough of being a weakling and such a crybaby.. enough of the stupidity.. enough of the tears..

i have to stand up.. i have to fight.. i will fight until the end.

i will hold on to that light.. i will turn my back away from this world.. i have found the light and now i am to seek Him.. enough with the affairs of this world.. i am victorious..

..and today i declare..
..that my heart is now forbidden.. love others that might take His place.. eyes are forbidden.. look at others' light that may lead me to stumble..
..i shall not fall again..
--enough pain, hurt, suffering.. enough of you..

take me by the hand, Lord..
and lead me to wherever you wish..
i am Your slave, oh God..
do to me whatever You desire..
i own no longer this life of mine..
in Your hands You possess the authority over my being..
control me, oh Father..
today, Lord,
i surrender..
let Your will be done.. in my life..

Friday, September 09, 2005

first time!

its friday! three subjects to attend and we're done!ü ..okei, philo class' over and its gimmick time. yesterday, my blockmates and i agreed to go to festival mall and have fun. after our philosophy class, we went to festival mall as planned. ives and i rode with rox in her car. her mom was the one driving. the others: drew, nikki and pat rode with rocel in her revo.[tma buh?] rocel's driver was the one driving the revo. okei.. we met at mcdo at the 3rd level and had our lunch there. we were so hungry that's why we ordered at once. we ate lunch and had chit chats about things and stuff. after having lunch, we went to a certain shop.. and.. okei.. so much for that shop!! after going to that...... shop, we went to pixie forest and rode the "fun house". it was my first time to enter pixie forest coz we dont really go in there coz its for kids. so, it was my first time to ride that "fun house" and it was really fun! hehehe..! after having a good ride at pixie forest, we proceeded to xsite and rode the coaster. it was ives' 1st time to ride that coaster coz her sisters won't allow her to try that ride coz of her condition. anyways, we had really great time riding that coaster. ives and rocel sat on seat#8, nikki and i on seat#9, and drew, pat and rox sat on seat #10. it was really fun. while the coaster is running, nikki and i were fooling around. hahahah! well, we just kinda acted as if we're still grade schoolers. hehehe!

okei here it comes. the moment of truth. hahahaha.. its VIDEOKE TIME!! hehehe.. we were suppose to sing outside, the one with the big screen, but i was not that ready to sing in front of strangers. i suggested that we sing in the room. we spent 2 hours and 35 mins inside that videoke room! nikki and i sang the first song but i really cant remember what that song is. hehe! one of the songs that drew sang was "just once" and he got a 100 for that! he/she's really a super star! and believe me, he really sings well. hehe! he also sang "halik" by aegis because ives dared him to sing it and he got a 96 for that. the song do really have a high pitch. rox has a really good voice. she sang "next to you", "at your side" by the corrs, and "hanggang ngayon" by ogie alcasid and regine velasquez, where drew sang with her. ives sang "cry" by mandy moore and "a thousand miles". pat sang "dreaming of you" and "halukay ube" hahaha! :D nice one pat! ;p rocel sang "foolish heart" and she has a cold voice.. asteeg!! go rocel! ;) nikki sang "when i met you" by apo hiking society. she did sang a lot of other songs! woohoo! go nikki!! ;) i sang "till they take my heart away" by claire m. and got a 99 for that. and guess what??? i got a 100 fo singing "please forgive me" by bryan adams! hahaha! ;p we sang a lot of songs within our 2hours and 35mins stay in that room. the assisstant there even gave us a free 5min stay. hehe! tnx kuya! :p after the videoke thing, ives and i went back to sville while rox and rocel bought their new sun sims and nikki and drew ate merienda.

on the way to sville, ives and i went to toyota to ride a trike going to sville. while walking, we saw this "bopis stand" and grab some. we both love to eat street foods. hehhehe! after eating we rode a trike and went back to sville. there we saw ange and at around 5.30pm we parted ways. ives went home while ange and i attended the rotaract meeting. thank God i now have an oraganization to join. hehehhe! ;p oh well, til here! ciao!ü

"please forgive me,
i don't know what to do
please forgive me,
i can't stop loving you
don't deny me
this pain i'm going through
please forgive me,
if i need you like i do
please believe it,
every wod i say is true
please forgive me,
i can't stop loving you.." -- by bryan adams

**hahahahaha!! 100!! hahahaha!!**