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Friday, October 21, 2005

a walk to remember..

yap.. that's right. a walk to remember. hmmm..
its friday, my blockmates and i were suppose to meet at sisc at 10am. they arrived there at 8am and i arrived at 11am. [hehe!.. sorry guys!.. foodtrip kc kme ng churchmates koh kahpon e.. hehe!..] we went there to have our final exam in IC1. we thought we would be finished at around 1pm but eventually we ended at 4. haii.. right after the final exam, i, drew, pat, and abel, went to festi to meet nikki and rocel. sad to say, on our way to festi, nikki texted us and told us that there was an emergency and that she needed to go home at once. rocel went home as well coz nikki had already left. when we arrived at festi, we ate at sbarro and then went to xsite. landon followed us at festi. we met him at the cinemas coz he wanted to watch a movie. drew, landon, and i watched deuce bigalow while pat and abel didnt join us for some reasons. [privacy?.. hmm.. hehe! love you pat!..ü]
after the movie, drew went home together with pat and abel. i rode with landon.
when we, landon and i, were walking in the parking lot, he suddenly ran and hid somewhere. when i found him, he said, "o! how did u find me??" [hello, sa laki mong yan d kta mhhnap? hehe!.. may attitude problem ka ren noh? prang ako!.. hahahha!..] anyways, going back to the story, he told me that he wanted to go to sisc and watch the battle of the bands. i told him i dont have enough money to purchase a ticket but he still insisted. he started the car and went out of festi's grounds and viola! ANG TRAFFIC!!!!! okei.. landon started to say stuff.. asking himself why is it so traffic. he tried to find another way but then it was of no use. still traffic. we just chatted while we waited for the cars to move. hmmmm.. at last.. we're near mcdo atc. i started saying the word "mcdo" many times with different tones. he then said that he will park his car at mcdonald's, leave it there and get it at around 11pm. he actually suggested for us to walk home. i thought he was just joking. but he wasnt.
he bought a hot fudge sundae for me and twister fries for him. we stayed there, chatted while we ate until 9.15pm. [not really the exact time.] after eating, we started walking. we walked from mcdo atc to toyota and from there rode a trike. while we were walking, we really had a good conversation, which started when we were still inside his car, stucked in the traffic. hmm.. that's it. hehe!..
oh well, thaks guys! i really enjoyed the day!.. [night?! ewan!] "thanks for the sundae!.. ung promise mo pla saken.. bka magkalimutan!.. hehe!.. Godbless!..ü"
*~*~*~*~* i forgot to tell you something *~*~*~*~*
..we didnt watch the battle of the bands coz its too late and we're both exhausted bec. of our activities for today. plus the heavy traffic thing. heheh!..

Thursday, October 20, 2005

food trip!..

its 7.30am and my fone keeps on beeping. when i checked it, my fone was alarming, telling me to wake up and get ready coz i have an appointment at 10.30am. i turned the alarm off and went back to bed. [what a sleepyhead!..] hehe! at exactly 7.45am i opened my eyes, stood up and convinced myself that i cannot be late. i have to meet my friends at exactly 10.30am! hmmm.. okei, so i walked out of my room, went straight in the bathroom, took a bath, get dressed and at exactly 9am, i was ready to go. when i saw my mom, i asked her how would i be able to go to church. [im gonna meet my churchmates there and then we'll all proceed at g2.] she told me to ask my dad to bring me there but then she changed her mind and told me that i should just go with her to her office and tell my friends that i will just meet them at g2. so we went to her office and i texted my friends that i'll meet them at g2. they told me to meet them at mcdo at 12.30pm.

its 12.30pm and my mom accompanied me to g2. i met with my friends and proceeded to chili's greenbelt. we had our lunch there. hmmmm.. yummy foods. hehehe!.. [take note, that was our first meal together as a group for this day.] after having our "heavy" lunch, we chatted for a while and then met with ate gra's parents, pastor efren and pastor cora, at g2 and they gave us a ride going to westgate. okei.. at westgate, we ate 3 orders of banana split at cafe breton. [this is our 2nd meal.. hehe!.. and oh, there are only 5 of us, all girls.ü] hmmm.. less than an hour, we went to atc.. we walked. hehe!.. we met with kale there and ate at pizza hut where there was this waiter who keeps on making pacute to us. [maybe its bec. of ate gra or kale or ewan. hahaha!..] we ordered one pizza but our stomachs didnt have enough space for it so we just brought the half home to our friend. [this is our 3rd meal!..] after eating, kale went home and the five of us, ate gra, tin, ivy, abi, and i, went to church to rest for a while and afterwards we visited pam, who lives in the same village where our church is located. during our stay at pam's house, they gave us chips and drinks. we were so full so they just asked us to bring it home with us. hehe!..

haii.. whatta day!.. food trip to the max!..ü

Monday, October 17, 2005

*i LoVe yOu, SEMBREAK!!*

its the first day of our most awaited sembreak. hmm.. we should be all rejoicing. why? aba!.. no more computations, no grammar, no thesis, no reports, no projects, no quizzes, no assigns, no profs! for 3 whole weeks!.. that's almost a month. hmmm.. we should be rejoicing, but.. our block, bsn1a, still have to do some things this week. like the "exhibit" thing [we volunteered to help sir dacela and sir labor kc e!but its fun!ü] and our presentation on wed during the "party hard, study harder" event. imagine, its a somewhat party for the college students and yet we are required to present our so-called 'rhythmic dance' chuvaness. haii buhay!.. but anyways, i might as well be proud of our block. we got a 100 in our final exam in physical education bec. of that. hehe! whatever..

soo.. its already our sembreak. the REAL sembreak. [coz back in high school, they give us 1 week vacation, or sometimes 3-day vacation, and they call that sembreak. it sucks!hehe! sarap sa kolehiyo! haha!] im planning to relax [somehow].. but im also planning to have a 'sembreak job' in my mom's office. hehe!.. well, that's a good idea.. i would earn money during this sembreak through working in my mom's office where i get to eat for free [coz i dont have to buy my own food using my money coz my mom's there to give me money, other than my salary, to buy food], watch a movie for free [coz my mom's gonna pay for it], shop for free [same reason], go to places for free [coz my mom's gonna pay for my fare] and get out of the house for free. haha.. whatver! ;)

hmmm.. i might as well sum this up.. soo.. tata! hehe! :)

*i LoVe yOu, SEMBREAK!!*

--to those ppol who are interested to watch the battle of the bands on friday, the event will start at 6pm at the gym 2. typecast and kapatid would also be playing that night. hehe!.. one question.. where can we buy a ticket?.. hehe! thanx!.. ü

Friday, October 07, 2005

finals nah!!

<-- meet our beloved prof in philosophy!! sir dacela.. hehehe! [nice one maix! stolen shot!ü]

haii... FINALS NA!!!! c'mon.. its been a very terrible [huh?] and torturing [watda?!!] hell week for us. thesis in filipino, oral defense in filipino, taping for our project in philo, and the ever famous oral examination in philosophy. today, oct. 7, 2005, was the last day fo the oral examination and the students of sir dacela were all going crazy bout this. we were all in panic. everyone's praying hard to pass. it was terrible im telling you. he seem to have a very bad day so he was kinda asking us questions na super hirap! spookifying..! haii.. i dont wanna elaborate on this topic more coz im.. ugh! ewan! i answered question # 5 which is about the Aristotelian Ethics and.. ugh! guess what!! mental block men! huhuhu... even if i was able to answer all the questions that he asked me but still.. i know what i did a while ago was so.. lame?.. ugh! basta.. hehe!
hmmm.. change topic. after class, around 3pm, my friends and i went to atc to chill out and have some fun. well actually just to eat our super late lunch. we ate at the food choices and there we waited for our friends. jani met her bestfriend, chris a.k.a kuya dog [aww-aww! hehe!]. rocel and joie were also there with their bedan friends. nikki, pat, drew, ives, and i just sat there and laughe our hearts out. [whahaha.... kung alam nio lang!! super laugh trip tlga!!ü] at around 5.45pm, i went home.
haii.. tinatamad akong magkwento ngayon.. bawi ako. hehe! tc!ü
*lapit na sembreak!! woohoo!!*