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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Makita Kang Muli

by Sugar free

Ohoooohohoooohhh....... Ooohhoohh

Bawat sandali ng aking buhay
Pagmamahal mo ang aking taglay
San man mapadpad ng hanging hindi
Magbabago aking pagtingin
Pangako natin sa Maykapal
Na tayo lamang sa habang buhay

Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pag-ibig
Maghintay ka lamang ako'y darating
Pagka't sa isang taong mahal mo ng buong puso
Lahat ay gagawin
Makita kang muli, Makitang kang muli

Puso'y nagdurusa nangungulila
Iniisip ka pag nag-iisa
Inaalala mga sandaling
Nang tayo ay magkapiling
Ikaw ang gabay sa akin tuwina
Ang aking ilaw sa gabing mapanglaw
Tanging ikaw

Ipaglalaban ko ang ating pag-ibig
Maghintay ka lamang ako'y darating
Pagka't sa isang taong mahal mo ng buong puso
Lahat ay gagawin
Makita kang muli
Makitang kang muli, Makita kang muli

Deep yet Painful

i got this from a friend of mine. the first two stanzas are parts of a poem. the last two came from a song.

to lay a kiss on your lips,
so gentle and delicate
is like picking the drops of dew
off the petals of a rose.
i hold you close and feel safe,
sheltered in from the rain,
from the storms that grow and surround me.
i take your hand and look into
your eyes
and see a heart made of gold and soul so pure.

you see you are an angel,
an angel to me.
i could not help but fall
madly in love with you,
the one who stole my heart.
i'm glad you did
because i could never find
one such as you.
someone who makes each day the best,
each laugh the longest,
each tear the saddest,
and a life,
my life, worthwhile.

last night you said you love me,
last night you said you needed me,
when i woke up
i never saw your face,
when i woke up you never left a trace.
you said that we would stay together,
i thought that we would be forever.
i never thought we'd ever part,
but now i have a broken heart.

i don't wanna dream if my dream is without you.
i don't wanna sleep if my dream will only be blue,
i don't wanna hear the words,
i don't wanna feel your touch,
all i know is that you hurt me so much.
all i'm asking is,
let me dream again.

Friday, November 25, 2005

just killing time..

i'm really bored.. and since i'm waiting for some 'specific' people to appear online on my list, i decided to place some 'cute' stuff here.

heart breaker ei?? tsk tsk..

..asteeg netoh.. [pic below] but it doesn't apply to me.. haha!

i may be..
..but definitely i'm not a.. <<<--not a BRAT!!!

cute noh? [pic below] but i'm not a dark angel.. ehehehe!

..hmmm, cutie? me? awww... sssshh.. secret lang un! ahahahahaa!!!

<<<<------- para kanino kaia ito???.. baka saken? joke! ahahahahahaha!!

..actually, there's a lot more but i'm having a difficulty placing those stuff in here coz my pc has an attitude problem.. hehehe! whatev.. [tagal mag-online..]

Thursday, November 24, 2005

sino bang snob???

...ako bah?!!

baka ikaw!...

..hmmm.. kung sa bagay..

ako ren tong hindi namamansin..

..e bakit ba kasi?!..


nagpapadala kasi maciado sa emosyon e..

pero.. anung magagawa koh kung un ang paraan koh para hindi na koh masaktan??..


mamatay na mga mapride sa mundong toh!!!

*at isa na koh dun.. hehehe...*

[kung nababasa mo toh ngayon, alam mo na kung sino kah.. kung nagtataka ka kung ba't hindi kita pinapansin, un e, kung nagtataka ka lang, hindi ako galit saio o kung kanino man.. hindi koh lang kayang lunukin ung pride koh.. ewan koh bah! basta, sorry sa pang-iisnab koh.. hindi koh sinasadya.. sana maintindihan mo koh.. babawi ako.. kung bibigyan mo koh ng isa pang pagkakataon.. sa totoo lang, inaantay kasi kitang magsalita e.. natatakot kasi ako na baka sa oras na lumapit ako saio.. hai.. basta. cguro duwag lang talaga koh.. cguro kasi natakot akong masaktan noon, at hanggang ngayon, di koh magawang matanggap ang katotohanan sa takot kong mawala saken ang isa sa mhahalagang tao sa buhay koh.. sana maintindihan mo..]

+pasencia na kung tagalog nanaman ha?!.. at kung ganyan ang mga pinaglalalagay koh.. walang pakelamanan ng blog okei? hehe! basta.. alam nio na kung baket ganyan.. hehe!+

Monday, November 21, 2005

senti mode.. again.

a friend of mine sent me a very heart-warming (?) quote yesterday.. the quote says..

"if he was the one who would hurt me..
it wouldn't really matter..
the truth is,
he can slit my throat and
with my last breath..
i'd apologize for bleedin' on his shirt.. :("

the quote really had an impact on me. it is for a fact, a statement of a martyr but still, it just reflected how much the girl loved the guy to the point that she is willing to get hurt, just to show and let the guy feel how much she loves him. it might sound really stupid.. but to some, it's not.

this 2nd quote was sent to me by another friend..

"a part of me died when i let you go.
it was not easy..
but for you it was..
i was not suppose to fall..
but i did.
it was not easy too.
what will i choose if both will end up painful? :("

and this last quote is the one that really caught my attention..

"hirap magmahal ng lihim,
kunwari may mahal kang 'iba',
pero siya talaga ang mahal mo.

'di ka makalapit kasi alam mong iba
ang mahal niya..

pero pano kung kunwari
ring may mahal siyang 'iba'..

pero ang totoo ikaw ang mahal niya?"

..senti quotes ei?.. there's a lot more. but sometimes, these quotes help us express the things that we could not express to someone through our own words.. hope it makes sense.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

much better

yup!.. i'm feelin' much better now compared these past few days..

i attended my nstp class this morning. i had to attend it coz i was absent last week. i was so lazy to get out of the bed that's why i decided not to go to school last saturday. anyways, our nstp class didn't take much time. we started at around 9.10am and ended at more or less 10.40am. my friends namely, rox, nikki, mark, karla and i went to atc to chill. we had a hard time getting a cab. the first cab driver was asking us to pay him 300bucks coz he didn't have a sticker daw. the 2nd one told us that it was too traffic in that area [atc]. the 3rd one won't let us ride coz he's going to manila. we got pissed off so we just rode a trike going to toyota and rode a jeep going to mcdo atc.

while riding on the jeep, mark paid for our fare. he gave 30bucks to the.. uhm.. 'conductor' of that jeep. [sosyal?] "ma, bayad po. limang town center. studyante." the conductor told us that if we cannot show him any id, there will be no discount. and besides, its saturday. we told him that we have a class every sat and that we are still students even on weekends and vacations. the conductor started to say stuff like "sabado linggo walang studya-studyante." mark got pissed off so he argued with the conductor. since his dad's working in ltfrb [whatever you call that office about transportation and stuff..], he knew his rights as a student. he then said this line which made the conductor shut his mouth, "wag nio ngang i-surpass ang rights nameng mga studyante!" there. at that very moment the conductor shut his mouth up coz maybe, just maybe, he could not comprehend what mark just told him. hehehe! nice one mark! ;)

when we arrived at mcdo, we ate our lunch and then rox went home. her brother arrived early so she had to go. nikki, mark, karla and i went to atc to walk around and chill. after some walking, karla gay went home and mark went to his derma for his check up. nikki and i were left and we just continued walking all over atc and looking for stuff that we can give our friends for christmas.

i was able to buy a green banana peel flops. it's cute! and very cheap! hehehe! ;)

we went home at around 2.30pm. we were suppose to ride a jeep going to festival mall but nikki told me that we should try to walk from atc to festi. i was shocked at first coz it's too tiring to walk such a long distance. but because of our 'trip'.. we successfully reached festi by mere walking from atc. haha! it was really cool though. and it was a total bonding day for us.

"i love you nikki! muah!ü"

well, it was really a tiring day for us but we really enjoyed it. hehehe!

*thank God for the eye-opening talk that ate grace and i had this evening.ü it makes me see and feel how much God loves me. it really eased the pain and made me a lot better.ü*

Friday, November 18, 2005


i'm tryin' so hard..
i'm doin' my very best
to stand up..
to cope up.

i gave my everythin'
without keeping somethin' for myself..
it's my fault, my fault..
i don't blame you..
i never will.

i'm tryin' so hard..
i'm doin' my very best
to stand up..
to cope up.

i failed again
for i hoped too much.
i was wrong..
i knew it..
it's my fault.

i allowed myself to fall..
to be drowned in that ocean..
the ocean which i thought
would save me..
but it did the opposite.

now i'm tryin' so hard..
i'm doin' my very best
to stand up..
to cope up.

i ask you to hear my plead..
just be there.. be there i pray..
never leave.. pls never go..
hear me pls.. i beg you..
i will try so hard
to stand up from this
great fall..
just pls.. oh pls..
dont walk away.

Thursday, November 17, 2005


hai nko.. magtatanong tanong.. tapos iiyak iyak.. klase naman yan!! sino bang 'tanga'??? wala naman! tsss.. pambihirang buhay itetch! ever talaga..

pero tama na drama.. d ako susuko.. di ako titigil.. whatever happens.. i will fight for it.. di koh lam kung pano.. pero gagawin koh.. but for now..

..hingi lang ako ng konting time para ilabas tong nararamdaman koh.. wait lang ha?.. iiiyak koh lang hanggang maubos na.. at sana pag gising koh bukas.. wala na ang sakit na nararamdaman koh..

..drama noh? di rin..

pasencia na kaio kung tagalog toh ha.. kelangan koh lang ilabas.. minsan lang toh..[sana] kaia pagbigyan nio na koh...

Sunday, November 06, 2005

a blessing from the Almighty

anung mas maganda?.. ung black o ung white?!.. mom koh kc pumili e.. as in cia pumili ng fone at color. himala nga binilhan ako ng fone ng di pa koh nagsasabing bilhan ako. hahahaha.. asteeg tlga!.. sbi nia ren kc dati, d na nia koh bibilhan ng fone pag nasira ung fone koh.. pero.. haha! asteeg tlga.. nag birthday daw kc koh tska taas mga grades koh.. pero thank God pa ren coz if ndi Cia nagprovide ng money, d ako bibilhan ni mommy ng fone. God's will na tlaga cguro na magkaron ako ng new fone. kakatuwa tlga! super bait ni Lord!

last week, tuesday, nov. 1, 2005, my fone was broken. badtrip! i was texting with my bestfriend when my fone broke. grrrr.. i dont know why did it happen. maybe my fone was just a loser fone or whatever. hehe! nah.. its actually a cute fone. [that was my 7th fone.. huhuhuh..] haii.. oh well, it was kinda boring. no fone for uhm.. almost 2 days. but a miracle did happen. ü wednesday night, on our way home from church, i was holding my 1100 fone [ung sira] and i was wishing, well actually declaring, that tomorrow morning, when i wake up, my fone's gonna work. then i suddenly thought that tomorrow, i will be able to get a new fone. well, it looks like i was just dreaming or what but i was kinda excited. well, to make the long story short.. thursday evening, when my mom went home, she gave me a new fone! *hurray! hurray!*
my mom bought the white one. i was asking her why didnt she buy the black one coz i really love black.. but she told me that the white one was better. soo.. un. hehe! oh well, thank God for this blessing! :D

last friday, my churchmates and i went to e.k. to chill. hehe! gosh! a lot of people were there! maybe bec. it was a holiday [nov. 4]. the weird thing was, there were more or less 10 buses parked at the parking lot. a lot of students, from pre-school to high school had their field trip on that day. [why would you have a field trip there? may matututunan ka ba dun? o pag-aaralan nio ung carousel?!] nweiz, bec. of the big number of people that went to e.k. that day, we were fortunate enough to ride 5 rides. and guess what? you have to line up and wait for an hour and a half before you can have the oppurtunity to ride. to think that each ride lasts for only 3-10 mins [depending on what ride you chose to ride on]. haii, hassle. but still we enjoyed. we're planning to go back to e.k. this december during weekdays, meaning we will skip class or actually not go to school for one day just to have fun. well, that's life! and i'm willing to go there again even if there's a lot of things to do in school. hehe!ü [nakakasira ng barkada ang pag-aaral!! hahahahaha!] oh well, try to go there. so sad i wasnt able to ride the anchor's away. hahahah! [anu bah.. tama n nga lai! watda!haha.. lakas!]
that's it! ill just put the pix here when i get to transfer them from my fone to my pc. heheh! tc! ü