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Sunday, December 18, 2005

christmas party and reunion in one! ü

last dec.14, 2005, wednesday, our class, bsn1a, had a christmas party and reunion in one. why reunion? coz we used to be blockmates back in 1st sem. hehe! hmmmm.. let see what transpired on this day.. well, night.. hehe!

wednesday morning we had our last set of prelim exams. the biochem exam was, well, quite easy. hmmm.. yah maybe. anyways, it was the logic exam that gave us a headache. if you took the test i promise you would really have a hard time answering that!.. i thought i could finish the exam in 45mins or less but it seems that i underestimated sir pol so much in giving an exam. it was damn hard!.. my brain was really retaliating and the exam really gave me a major headache. the questions were driving me crazy especially the essay part. also the last part of the exam, which covers the topic 'categorical propositions.' i swear next term i would really study very very hard!! waaaaah!!..

speaking of hard examinations and life-wrecking questions (whaha!!), there's this subject that really gave all of us a really hard time. biology. we may all think that biology's such an easy subject. well, yes it is.. back in high school. but now? no way man!.. biology sucks! especially when you have a prof like.. her. why? yes she's really smart. as in way too intelligent to the point that she doesn't teach us accdg to our level. its as if she's talking to people who have the same brain that she has. haii.. she's pretty, she's nice, she's cute when she teaches BUT she's not considerate in giving grades. and she's definitely not a.. aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!!.. basta we hate it!.. she makes biology too difficult for us!.. the only thing we enjoyed in her subject was the educational trip, wherein we went to bauan, batangas and had our scuba diving there. cool huh? yeah its cool, but joining the trip only gives us 20 points in our seatwork if im not mistaken. asar dba? oh well.. (btw, we had our biology exam last tuesday. it sucks! big time!! the questions from #s 1-5 are the same but each # has a different set of choices from the others. and ndi lang isa un.. mrami un! basta! asar tlga!!)

anyways, after our logic exam, we went off to sm southmall to do our last minute shopping for our party. after buying all the stuff that we need, we went back to southville to get our stuff and went to jani's house to prepare.

at jani's house..
we started wrapping some of the gifts that we have for each other. haha! funny. blah blah blah.. hehe!!

at around 6.30pm, some of our blockmates arrived. we waited for everyone to be there before we started partying.

many things happend that night. as in MANY things. i can't put those stuff in here coz its quite personal. hehe!

anyways, that night, we ate. hehe! then we started giving the gifts to everyone. the boys were playin the guitar, some of us were singing. then we started drinking and playing games. well, we only played one game all through out-suck and blow. hehehee!! cool! i won twice! but guess what?? rox was the champion! no one could beat her in this game. hahaha!.. nice one rox!

after drinking, singing, playing, and all those stuff, we started to pack up and went our way home. chike, rafer, army and i rode with wally while the others stayed until 2am. we went home at around 11.45pm. many things happend after we left.. i'll just leave you hangin.. hehe!

..thanx guys! thanx tlga!!.. merry christmas to all of you and i love you so much!! tc alweiz and Godbless!! c yah next year!!.. ;)


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