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Thursday, January 05, 2006

new year.. new update

it's been a long time since i last updated my blog. well, since it's already 2006, maybe i could have the effort to update this thing.

2005 have passed together with all the sh*t that we've experienced within those 12months. last year, i've experienced a lot of things. i've experienced how to be extremely happy and also extremely sad.. call that depression. but actually, i experienced more happiness than sadness because of the Big Guy's help. many things transpired. all those damn heartbreaking events caused by.. yeah you got it.. and those economical problems that gave you a headache when it comes to shopping. to think that you have to lessen your expenses and budget your freakin' allowance that costs P250 a day, which is now equivalent only to more or less $2 compared to $250 before during marcos' regime, just to buy that pair of chuck taylors that you are really craving for. whew!

hai.. whenever i would think of those stuff, i just laugh it out and just tell myself that this year i'll be doing something far better than what i've done the past year. hahaha.. just can't help but laugh and smile. well, what's the point in crying over it all over again?! your just wasting you damn time by doing that. hehehe!

it's already 2006.. nothing special actually except that i'll be celebrating my 18th bday this year. i'm not even planning to have a party or a 'debut' or whatever. i just want a car and maybe gather my closest friends together and feed them. hehe! well, i'll just try, well not try but i'll make the best out of this year. hehehehe!..

*thanks guys for bein' there for me throughout the whole year. i would have failed to surpass those trials if your not there beside me. and most especially i thank the Big Guy for being so kind, loving, faithful and merciful to me. ü"