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Thursday, April 27, 2006

o kmusta nman un? cnu bang nsaktan wla nman??.. e anu ba kcng nagpakapraning sknia ha??? tatlong taon na kc nkakaraan ayaw pang bitawan.. e kasalanan koh rin nman kc kung bat ako nssktan.. haii nko.. wlang dapat sisihin.. ndi ako galit sknila.. galit ako sa ginawa nila.. bakt?? bakit nila ginawa un? errr.. she was one of the people who i looked up to.. pero ndi.. aioko.. ndi ako mggalit saknia.. ndi ako maiilang.. kapatid koh cia e.. badtrip.. nkakainis..

tama na! eerrrrrr~!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

summer time!

yep! that's right! school's over so that means it's summer time!! *woohoo!!*

well, for the past two weeks that i've been freed from school, i haven't really started enjoying my summer vacation. i spent my 1st week of vacation in the sisc grounds to get my grades and also i started preparing all the stuff that i will be needing upon enrollment for next semester. i spent my 2nd week at my mom's office. why? coz i'm grounded. *haha!* last monday, april 3, i went home at around 9pm and my dad got pissed. hehehe.. well, its okei coz even if i'm grounded, i still get to to go to makati and to other places coz of my mom. hehehe! [way to go mom!ü]

well, i still dont have any idea where will i spend my vacation and how will i enjoy it, but for the mean time, i'll be spending it at my mom's office so i'll earn money. hehehe! oh well, gotta run!