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Thursday, April 06, 2006

summer time!

yep! that's right! school's over so that means it's summer time!! *woohoo!!*

well, for the past two weeks that i've been freed from school, i haven't really started enjoying my summer vacation. i spent my 1st week of vacation in the sisc grounds to get my grades and also i started preparing all the stuff that i will be needing upon enrollment for next semester. i spent my 2nd week at my mom's office. why? coz i'm grounded. *haha!* last monday, april 3, i went home at around 9pm and my dad got pissed. hehehe.. well, its okei coz even if i'm grounded, i still get to to go to makati and to other places coz of my mom. hehehe! [way to go mom!ü]

well, i still dont have any idea where will i spend my vacation and how will i enjoy it, but for the mean time, i'll be spending it at my mom's office so i'll earn money. hehehe! oh well, gotta run!



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