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Friday, May 05, 2006

one friday afternoon

it's friday.. 2nd to the last day of the week.. i went to church this morning to attend joshua summer. we did simple yet essential things today. after the session, we ate lunch. then my friends and i chatted as we took our lunch. had a little fellowship then others went home. since ikay and i had nothing to do, we went here at the comp. shop to surf the net. and since i really don't have anythin' to do here.. i just made maix a "happy bday testimonial" and i updated my blog. i'm planning of updating my multiply site later when i get home.

*yawwwn* im sleepy..


oh well, i wanna do something but i'm too lazy to think of anythin' to do. haahhaha..

i'm not making any sense now, am i?

[i'm currently listening to "so sick" because i don't have any choice since somebody inside this small pc shop is playing the song right now in his/her pc.. i think? is that a pc or a radio? ahh whatever.]

haha.. i can say i'm really tired now coz i'm not making any sense anymore. hahaha..

oh well.. i better go now. ;)

**wanna know who's ikay? take a peek..**

**thought you'd wanna know.. hahaha..**