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Thursday, May 18, 2006

one rainy day

i have really nothin' to put in here.. hmmmmm.. maybe i'll just advertise my multiply..

so guys.. check out my multiply. hahaha!

thanx! dont hesitate to leave some comments or replies or whatsoever there.. harharhar!

don't you think i suck? i mean when it comes to blogs and stuff. hahhahha.. i can't even make a sensible entry.. maybe because there is nothing significant to write about. hmmmm.. let me see..

ohh.. yesterday my friends and i met at sisc.. before that, i accompanied nikki to the reg office for enrollment. then we waited for drew for a couple of minutes then proceeded to select to eat. we waited for rj there.. he said he would arrive at around 2.15pm.. guess what? he arrived at 2.30pm. tsk3.. what's new? rj.. hahaha..

when he arrived, we went straight to rox's house to drop something there then proceeded to atc. we headed to the foodcourt then the cr.. sat down for a couple of minutes then went to Sinangag EXpress.. the new branch at bf. afterwards, we planned to go to shell slex to unwind for a while but then we all decided to go to tagaytay. so we went there. hahahaha.. :D we arrived there at 5.30pm then we stayed at starbucks for about an hour. we took a lot of pictures.. of ourselves of course.. then went back to susana heights afterwards. we left tagaytay at around 6.45pm. they dropped me off at villa carolina by 8pm then rj brought nikki and drew home. then our day ended. the end.

haha! was that even worth reading? hahaha.. well dont care.. as long as i can think of anything to type.. i might as well place it here as an entry. hahahaha! :D